Russian Food: would you say you are Ready?

Russian Food: would you say you are Ready?


This very Englishman got some information about Russian food you will eat here. This is the thing that we will stay upon today.


Russian individuals are exceptionally restless about food. The previous Soviet Union combined 15 countries and we as a whole know different national dishes. We know both their names (that are frequently difficult to articulate:)) and the method of cooking. When my individual person wager with an Italian gourmet expert that he would  russian food online    cook a superior pizza than this Italian person. It was a genuine occasion featured by broad communications!:) therefore my individual lost the wager since he was unable to realize that the gourmet expert could cook far superior to what he did in his bistro! He had neither time nor want to work doing all his best for mass production!:)))


To be sure, Russian individuals like both cooking and eating. Practically the entirety of our ladies are superb cookers since they learn in the family first, at that point – at school, at that point – rivaling their lady friends (who’s the best cooker?:))


Here is the story. One of our previous interpreters stayed with us in the relatively recent past. She lives in States now and maybe, some of you recollect her. Her name’s Indira. She is a superb and inviting individual. She wedded an American person. We got some information about everything, including American food. You know what she said? She has prepared suppers herself twice for the entire year of remaining there! It sounds incredible for any Russian lady! We cook in any event two times per day (breakfast and supper), some of the time – lunch. On ends of the week we ruin our nearby individuals with something delectable (some preparing for instance). Two times per year is inconceivable! Nonetheless, most of Russian individuals can’t bear the cost of cafés so frequently. Our normal compensation is 150$ and a supper at a café costs at any rate 20$.


In this way, it is a lot less expensive to prepare food all alone in Russia. Coincidentally, get some information about her preferred dish and I’m certain she will be glad to enlighten you concerning her cooking claim to fame!:)


Things being what they are, what do we generally eat? (I trust, folks, you’ve had your feast as of now or we warm up your craving!)


Breakfast. There are individuals who want to maintain a strategic distance from breakfast at all or drink some espresso. Be that as it may, they are not various and I’m not one of them:) all in all, we eat eggs, porridges, frankfurters, macaronis, flapjacks, milk items like curds, cheddar, sandwiches, drops and… maybe, some remaining parts of yesterday supper. Our morning meal gives us vitality till lunch. It is notable that the period from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. is the best an ideal opportunity for working. So breakfast is significant.


Lunch. It as a rule comprises of three dishes and a beverage that are a plate of mixed greens, soup, the primary dish and some juice (or compote, tea, mineral water, and so on.).


Supper – servings of mixed greens, some bite and the primary dish (meat or fish with vegetables, rice, macaroni, etc as embellishment). Maybe, wine or brew… or on the other hand something more grounded:)


What Russian food do you know? Cabbage soup (shchi), red-beet soup (borsch), ravioli (pelmeni), caviar (ikra), pies (pirozhki), flapjacks (blini)? In the event that you know probably some of them you are very prepared to visit Russia! :- )


In the event that you don’t want to eat customary Russian food don’t be terrified of starving in Russia! For instance, in Kazan there are a great deal of eateries and bistros where you can attempt Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Georgian, European and Indian food. Additionally, we have MacDonald’s the place you can eat American food. Goodness, simply don’t beat me, American guys…:)))


Finally I’d prefer to offer you a thoughtful bit of guidance (from our Englishman). Before purchasing a lodging convenience with breakfast included please discover their menu. Maybe, you like this English person, are going to give your cash however not to have the option to stuff yourself with these “rich” frankfurters and porridges. Perhaps you would be wise to get a few foods grown from the ground them in your room? Or then again simply request some espresso. Food can be over the top expensive in some Russian inns and cafés, in this way, you would be wise to enquire about what you will eat before paying.


Be that as it may, the best and most sentimental variation… I’ll let you know and make you envy…

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