Versatile And Powerfully Evolved Blackberry Torch 9810  

Versatile And Powerfully Evolved Blackberry Torch 9810  

The evolution of the World’s first smartphone with full-slide out keyboard and high-resolution touch screen will offer you best multimedia experience along with incredible social networking experience. Yes, this is the powerfully evolved and the ever    evolve power versatile BlackBerry Torch 9810.

So what makes this handset better than its predecessor? What made it so different? Well, design wise the two handsets shares the same weight and dimensions. But when it comes to hardware and software, you will notice a huge advantage on the part of the Torch 9810.

The Torch 9810 comes with an 8 GB worth of memory, and it can be expanded up to 32 GB with the help of microSD card. With this, you can do more things like download more apps, capture more memorable videos, and capture special moments with its camera.

The latest Torch uses BlackBerry OS 7.0, while its predecessor uses BlackBerry OS 6.0. Now, you see there are more added new features on the latest version of the Torch. When it comes to processors, the Torch 9810 comes with a 1.2 GHz CPU, while its predecessor comes with only 624 MHz. Now, that made the latest version truly more powerful. And this is where the line is drawn.

You will enjoy socializing, surfing the web (mobile internet), and enjoy your favorite games at a blazing speed. You will be able to enjoy your favorite social networking websites with this phone. What is more, you will be able to experience a more powerful and more fluid animation and graphics. This is all because of the Liquid Graphics that the Torch 9810 is capable of giving you.

When it comes to the phones’ camera, the latest version and its predecessor shares the same 5MP (2592 x 1944p), LED flash, and auto focus features. However, when it comes to Video, they differ greatly! The 9810 comes with a 720p Video, while the 9800 comes with only VGA @24fps. It is quite obvious that you can produce a quality video with the evolved BlackBerry Torch than its predecessor.

So what makes this handset so versatile? The answer is quite obvious. If you want to use your fingers to type your messages or e-mails, you can do so. But if you do not feel like using your fingers for typing, you can easily use the phones’ speech-to-text translation. This will truly make your life easier. You can also use the BlackBerry keyboard or use the phone’s touch screen.


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