How to Set Up a Web Page and Build Your Online Presence

If you have any kind of small business or home business or are looking to make it in Internet marketing then one thing you are definitely going to need is a web 웹하드 presence. Your web presence will be your permanent communication tool with potential customers open 24 hours a day. But a lot of people get spooked by the idea of creating a web site as they think it will be technically hard and beyond their capabilities.

For this reason some people go the option of using a Web 2.0 site that offers a free home page on a sub-domain. This is all very well but in the long run for a business it will not do. Your site and all the popularity your build will always belong to the parent site. You need to have your own domain and hosting where you can put a site that is 100% yours. Owning your own domain name is essential if you want to make a long term future of working on the Internet. You can construct your site any way that you like and you can create a brand that people will remember and trust.

I learned about this the hard way one time. I had a blog hosted on a very popular blogging platform. I had hundreds of original articles posted on it and I was getting good traffic. This meant I could earn a decent amount of income every month from advertising. However, for a reason that wasn’t explained to me the parent company took my blog down. And looking in the small print they were allowed to do it and had no obligation to give me my material back.

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