Self Service Home Care Is No Picnic

Self Service Home Care Is No Picnic


One thing that we can all depend on as we grow older is the fact that, at one time or another, we will get sick or be hospitalized and then be in need of some help at home. Those of us who have families, whether the one you were born into, or the one(s) you’ve made yourself, will eventually be drawn into the role of the family caregiver.   Hospice Home Care Agency    Though not all of us are cut out for it, many will be tempted to give it a try.

Managing your relative or friend’s home care services by yourself is not as easy as you think it’ll be, especially if you have an active life. Not only will you be taking on making appointments for medical exams and getting them to their doctor’s visits, you’ll also have to pick up their meds and pharmacy supplies, such as adult underwear, transfer belts, etc. You may also need to stop by the medical equipment store to pick up such things as walkers, wheelchairs and/or hospital beds. On top of that if you are the only person that’s taken on this role for this person, then you’ll also have to work hard to keep their spirits up through the whole recovery, rehabilitation or hospice process. This, by itself, is an important role. Of course, there’ll be plenty of other things to do including buying groceries, meal preparation, bill paying, housekeeping, picking up needed items such as shampoos, skin creams, slippers, etc.

If the person you are caring for has become incontinent, then you will have to help them with their personal hygiene needs as well. Not everyone is willing to do this or should be doing this-for instance if you are a young man and the person who needs the help is your mother or vice versa, you are a young woman and the patient is your father. Then there’s help with the rehab exercises to manage after breakfast, or, assisting with the walking exercises. On top of that there’s keeping your patient hydrated with rounds of tea, water or juice and re-positioned every two hours to prevent bedsores, Depending on the disability, some people will walk very, very slowly and need a lot of encouragement, while others may be at risk of losing their balance easily. One has to exert a lot of care and attention during this process.

Believe it or not, there’s more-much more to it. It’s easy to become depressed, exhausted and overwhelmed, especially if you have your own active life to manage at the same time. Many loving family members have spouses and kids and work and their own homes to manage as well, so it’s not an easy task to undertake, even under the best of circumstances.

This is when a good home care agency can be a real godsend. A good home care agency should have many years of experience and have a good reputation in your community. Call and inquire about them with your area’s Commission on Aging Senior Information & Referral hotline and/or the Better Business Bureau. Do they have a Continuing Education plan? Are they members in good standing of national and regional, professional organizations? They should also offer their consumers plenty of professional supervision of their personnel and terms which are agreeable to you.

Try to find one with competitive rates and one which offer decent benefits to their workers so that they’re motivated to stay on the job for the long-term if needed. The Staffing Manager should also be prepared to meet with you in the home and provide a thorough and free assessment of your person’s care needs. Ask to see verification of their Worker’s Comp plan and their General and Professional Liability statements.


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