Smart Advertisers Use Pop Displays to Entice Customers

Smart Advertisers Use Pop Displays to Entice Customers


A POP display usually reminds the customer of an item that they wanted to purchase or an item that they should purchase. This type My Pop Items of display is done purposefully to drawn the customers attention. These last minute purchases or impulse buys are responsible for many thousands of dollars of sales for major companies every year. These POP displays are usually right near the checkout line and a lot of the time, it is a newer item. This item usually includes a great price too to entice more people to purchase it. Advertisers are no dummies. The way that companies put their displays are done from research that they conduct. Every display is in a specially plotted out spot in the store with the hopes of increasing their annual sales. It is no coincidence that these displays are arranged like they are.


Think about it. If you have ever been to a casino, namely in Las Vegas then you know that they draw you in with an irresistible offer. Most of the time it’s a .99 cent Margarita or a $2.99 steak dinner. In order to get that deal, you have to walk through the entire casino to get to that bar or restaurant. This is so you’ll pass all of the enticing slot machines and table games on the way through, hoping to divert your attention to them and parting with your wallet. The longer you have to wander around the casino to find the deal that you were originally looking for, the more money you are spending in their casino. In the end, even if you do get that steak dinner for $2.99, the casino still won, because they got your money on the way in.

I never thought of it like that

Pop displays are really no different. The premise for this type of advertising is the same. The object of these displays is to entice you with an irresistible offer in order to get your money. They rely on people to make impulse purchases on their way out of the store. Sometimes, then might have a tiny little Pop display right at the register and the cashier might try to up sell you on an item. Some stores that employ this tactic use an inexpensive item like a candy bar or small bottle of lotion. This tactic works two fold. First they are relying again on the impulse buying of the customer. Second they are trying to play on the fact that some people just feel bad saying no- a play on emotions. Both ways they got you, and its smart advertising that works.



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