The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Manchester

Does the Manchester Derby – Manchester City V Manchester United – unite the two football clubs competing for the title of the general mishmash?

The two Manchester Clubs have a commitment to their separate fans, the large numbers of fans watching all throughout the planet and to the Premier League to put on an act piece football match this Sunday. Luis van Gaal and Manuel Pellegrini should ensure their players don’t depend on messy strategies with an end goal to dominate a football game. The Coaches rush to gripe about the Referees yet keep calm when their players behave like hooligans.

First the Good,

Manchester United group has quite possibly the most capable players, in Angel De Maria you have a wizard with the ball. This player could do pretty much everything with the football. Genuine Madrid, what were you thinking when you sold De Maria? You supplanted De Maria with James Rodriguez? He a few decent games in the World Cup. Rodriguez isn’t even adequate to get into the Stoke group.

Across the street at Manchester City, there is Sergio Aguero. He is objective machine, for a very long time he has been the fundamental objective scorer for Manchester City. Individuals talk about “elite” players, however he really is top notch. ท่องเที่ยวอเมริกา

The Bad

Manchester United V Chelsea FC. During a corner kick for Chelsea, Chris Smalling had Ivanovic in a wrestler’s hold and afterward brought him down with a “garments line”, a move which wouldn’t be awkward at a Wrestling match. Marcos Rojo on John Terry, comparative treatment. This is hostile to football. What was amusing is Terry whined. The expression “pot… Pot… ” rings a bell. Man U likewise have the chronic wrongdoer Mr Elbows and legs Marouane Fellaini in their group. How could he be even in the Manchester United group?

With respect to Manchester City, not any more attractive football, more the “hooligans R Us” football.

In the new League Cup match between Manchester City and Newcastle United for the current week, Bacary Sagna deliberately stepped on the rear of a player while he was down, in the wake of being fouled by Sagna obviously. Furthermore, Sanga had the nerve to infer to the Referee the Newcatle United player was faining injury and with nothing to do.


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