How to Control a Soccer Ball

The most ideal way of controlling a football is with the side of your foot. During a game you can handle the ball with any piece of your body, besides with your arm starting from the shoulders.

The most emotional way of controlling the ball is utilizing the side of your foot.

At the point when a ball is kicked towards you, your body shape should be right, thus if you have time dismiss your body somewhat from the ball as an afterthought that the ball is closest. Try not to turn your back yet continue to confront the ball.

With you body at a slight point, lift your foot from the beginning, (controlling a ball which is moving on the ground – lift you foot around 2 or 3 inches, change the tallness of your foot up to knee stature, contingent upon there the ball in comparative with the ground). Expect when the ball will get to you, then, at that point, as the ball shows up at your foot, move it back somewhat to pad the ball; doing this will guarantee that the ball doesn’t bob away from you. แทงสล็อต

At the point when your foot connects with the ball, guarantee your foot is firm enough so the ball is thumped somewhat before your body guaranteeing that you have a wide sufficient room to make a stride and afterward contact the ball a subsequent time. If the ball is excessively near you or excessively far away you will see it hard to play your pass. If then again you expect to play a long pass, you might allow the ball to run somewhat before you, to give yourself additional room to make a long swing of your leg.

Obviously you can handle the ball with numerous different pieces of your body, from your head to your chest, and your thigh. You can likewise control the ball successfully with both your instep and the outside of your foot.


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