Interesting Facts About Latin America’s Sports

Adhemar Ferreira da Silva turned into the second sportspeople in Brazil to win a gold award in the Olympic Games when he won the leap triple at the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki (Finland).

Rossana De Los Rios is a renowned Paraguayan tennis player. She was junior best on the planet in 1992. Rossana is hitched to Gustavo Alfredo Neffa, who was a soccer football player. She once said, ” I might have made significant progress in tennis. In 1992 I won the Junior Roland Garros however I decided and I am content with my life. [Gustavo] Played soccer in the classes of Italy and Argentina, with the public group and in the Olympic Games and he was acceptable in that, however presently he speaks more around tennis. The occasions changed for the ladies and he assists me with having the option to play quiet. Presently I will probably get back to the main 100. I’m well, however for quite a long time I had knee and wrist wounds and I needed to return from that. Maybe I will resign in a couple of years and afterward I might want to help so the Paraguayan young ladies are created and can have a future, however by then, at that point, in case I am in the main 30 perhaps I will concede that task”. This sportswoman was brought into the world on September 16, 1975 in Asuncion, the capital city of Paraguay. As of now, she lives in the United States.

Francisco Cabaas became to first Mexican fighter to win an Olympic award. He won a silver award at the Los Angeles Games in 1932 .

Claudia Poll Ahrens (Costa Rica) turned out to be just the primary Latin American female swimmer throughout the entire existence of the Olympic Matches to dominate two individual decorations at one Games ( Sydney’2000 ). She is the best Central American competitor ever…

Luis Brunetto won the silver decoration in the triple seize the 1924 Paris Games. Argentina’s Brunetto turned into the first sportsperson to win an Olympic decoration for his country.

The Brazilian men’s volleyball crew won the World Cup in 2007. The bosses were Rezende Bruno, Marcelo Elgarten, Andr Heller, Samuel Fuchs, Gilberto Godoy Filho, Murilo Andres, Andr Luiz da Silva Nascimento, Sergio Dutra Santos, Anderson Rodrigues, Gustavo Endres, Rodrigo Santana, Dante Guimaraes Amaral.

Xavier Moreno and Jefferson Perez won gold awards at the Rio Pan American Games in 2007. The sprinters are wearing saints in Ecuador now… สุดยอดคาสิโน

Cali (Colombia) facilitated the FIBA Basketball Women’s World Cup in 1975. Last standings: 1.USSR/Soviet Union ( as of now Russia ), 2.Japan, 3.Czechoslovakia ( as of now Czech Republic/Slovak Republic ), 4.Italy, 5.South Korea, 6. Mexico, 7.Colombia, 8. US, 9. Hungary, 10.Australia, 11.Canada, 12.Brazil, 13.Senegal.

The most well known games in Mexico are soccer, wrestling, b-ball, baseball, games, basque pelote, submerged games, tennis, combative techniques, boxing, cycling and equestrian.

Jeanette Campbell ( Argentina/swimmer ) was the principal Latin American female competitor who won the Olympic award. She won the silver award in the 100m free-form at the 1936 Berlin Games.

Brazil sent 10 competitors to the 2006 Winter Games in Turin ( Italy ). The Brazilian appointment had competitors contending in 4 games: high skiing, bobsleigh, crosscountry skiing and snowboarding.

Paraguay has had numerous renowned competitors. What their identity is: Jose Luis Chilavert ( soccer/perhaps the best goalkeeper during the 1990s ), Victor Manuel Pecci ( tennis ), Nery Kennedy ( olympic style sports/South American hero ), Carlos Gamarra ( Olympic football silver medalist, 2004 ), Ramon Jimenez Gaona ( games/South American champion)…

Baseball is the public game of Panama…

Francisco “Morochito” Rodriguez (fighter) is the main Venezuelan sportspeople to win an Olympic gold award. Francisco was brought into the world on September 20, 1945 in Cumana, Venezuela (South America).

Montevideo (Uruguay) facilitated the FIFA World Cup in 1930. Last standings: 1.Uruguay, 2.Argentina, 3.Yugoslavia (right now Serbia), 4.USA, 5.Chile, 6.Brazil, 7.France, 8.Paraguay, 9.Romania, 10.Peru, 11.Belgium, 12.Bolivia, 13.Mexico.

Gustavo Kuerten was one of the most incredible tennis players on the planet. He has won 28 worldwide competitions ( Saint Petersburg, Brazil Open, Auckland, Roland Garros, Monte Carlo, Acapulco, Rome, Hamburg, Cincinnati, Buenos Aires, Lisboa, Indianapolis…).

Truth File

Name: Gustavo Kuerten

Epithet: “Guga”

Ethnicity: Brazilian

Parentage: German

Home: Florianopolis, Santa Catarina ( Brazil )

Conceived : 10/9/1976

Tallness : 1.91m

Weight : 75 kg

Symbol: Mahatma Gandhi (previous basic freedoms dissident)

Most loved vocalist: Bob Marley

Most loved essayist/writer: Paulo Coehlo

Fragrance: “Time everlasting” ( by Calvin Klein )

Closest companions: Carlos Moya ( Spanish tennis player ), Nicolas Lapentti ( Ecuadorian tennis player ), Fernando Meligeni ( Brazilian player ).

Men’s Tennis Association Ranking ( 1997-2000 )

2000: 1

1999: 10

1998: 20

1997: 66.


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