Club America Soccer Stadium Highlights

Club America Soccer arena or basically Azteca is considered by Club America, as their own home ground since this is the place where they play all their home games. Club America is one of the amazing groups in Mexico. Every one of the famous soccer groups has their own cherished battleground they called home ground.

The Aztec Stadium or Azteca was arranged by the widely acclaimed modeler for the sake of Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, a local of Mexico. The games ground was dispatched on the 29th day of May in the year 1966. The introduction was featured by the game between Club America and Torino F.C. wherein the two groups tied in the score of 2-2.

Beside being the home ground of America, the arena additionally gloats of the record as the unparalleled pitch that has had the option to have one World Cup finals as well as two, a record that the arena held up to this point.

The record objective was made by Arlindo Dos Santos. It was the very first objective made on that arena during Club America and Torino F.C’s. match, the match that opened the arena during its introduction went to by 107,4943 watchers. The debut kick was made by the Mexican President itself Gustavo Diaz Ordaz and it was seen by FIFA President Sir Stanley Rous. UFABET168

The advanced lighting framework for the arena was initiated somewhat later. The day was June 5, 1966 when the arena’s lights were turned on to give brightening to the match between Valencia C.F. also, Nexaca. The Honduran Jose Cardona made the primary objective and Valencia C.F. arisen successful on that match with a score of 3 against 1 of Nexaca.

A dedicatory plaque was set in the Club America Soccer Stadium to pay tribute to the players who scored the primary light objective just as the main night game scorer


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