Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tidbits

The individuals who live in the Miami region may – stressed that they will be evaded from cafés and country clubs – guarantee to be Dolphins fans, developing blades and living submerged in their extra time. Be that as it may, Miami, similar to some other city in a state with different football crews, logical has its reasonable part of Tampa Bay fans. Maybe these people once lived in Tampa Bay and moved to Miami. Maybe they grew up watching Tampa Bay or know somebody who played for them. Maybe, they (pant!) would just prefer be a Buccaneer than a Dolphin. For you Tampa Bay fans waiting in the city of Miami, this article is one you’ll probably need to privateer.

Each NFL group has its reasonable part of history and random data. However, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have probably the most fascinating random data around. The people who differ should step out into the abyss.

Lords of the South: Tampa Bay is the main group in the NFC South to win as Super Bowl Champions. However Atlanta and Carolina have arrived at the Super Bowl, they presently can’t seem to be successful. New Orleans, on the opposite finish of the range, is one of a modest bunch of groups to have never come to the title.

The Rich Get Richer: The proprietor of the Buccaneers, Malcolm Glazer, additionally claims the Manchester United, an England soccer group. The Manchester United is viewed as the most extravagant games association in the whole world.

Oh no: The 1976 Buccaneers are the main group in cutting edge NFL history to lose each and every game in a season. Since the NFL went to a sixteen game season, in 1978, a few groups have gone 1-15, yet nobody has gone 0-16. During the 1982 season, which was abbreviated by a strike, the Baltimore Colts had no triumphs, yet they had one bind to go with their eight misfortunes. เที่ยวญี่ปุ่น

He could go all the way…but he won’t: The Buccaneers are the main NFL group that has never scored a score on an opening shot return during a customary season game, an accomplishment that has, up till the beginning of the 2006 season, been done more than 1700 times by different groups. The Bucs have, be that as it may, scored five scores on opening shot returns during preseason games.

A Pirate’s Curse: No group that has lost an ordinary season game to Tampa Bay has at any point won the Super Bowl. This, on account of its years in presence, is known as The Tampa Bay Curse and torment any individual who tumbles to the Bucs before season’s end.

The Warm Weather Factor: Until the last normal season round of 2002, in which Tampa Bay crushed the Chicago Bears in Chicago, the Buccaneers had never dominated a match where the temperature at the opening shot was under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Prior to beating the Bears, the Bucs had lost the twenty past games played in chilly climate.

Keeping it Real: Not just did the Bucs not do well in chilly climate, yet they likewise didn’t do well playing on counterfeit grass. They once lost 27 games straight played on fake turf in open air arenas. This losing streak traversed 15 years, from the 1980 season to the 1995 season.

Mentor Potatoes: Tony Dungy, who as of late drove the Indianapolis Colts to a Super Bowl triumph and served already as top of the Buccaneers, has seen four individuals from his Tampa Bay instructing staff make it as lead trainers. Herman Edwards, a partner under Dungy, mentors the Kansas City Chiefs; Rod Marinelli, a protective mentor under Dungy, mentors the Detroit Lions; Mike Tomlin, a guarded mentor under Dungy, mentors the Pittsburgh Steelers; and Lovie Smith, a linebackers mentor under Dungy, mentors the Chicago Bears.


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